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Laboratory-Based Management

Looking for specific Pathologist Staffing Management Services?

Pathlink Solutions, an affiliate to PATHlink, is a physician practice management organization that recruits, qualifies and manages pathologist placement at client practice locations. These locations include group practices, specialty practices, endoscopy centers and surgical centers around the country. Professional services are provided to Urology and GI practices, Dermatology, Hematology/Oncology Centers and Ambulatory Surgical Centers.

Our pathologists employ the latest standards of practice for pathology including IHC studies, special stains, FISH probes, cytologies and histopathology procedures of pathology specimens in a timely and expert fashion.

All service contracts between Pathlink Solutions and our client practices are compliant with all applicable federal and STARK regulations.

4 steps to a PATHlink Partnership

Pathlink Solutions speaks with our prospective clients to determine their needs, scope of services and volume, developing a customized arrangement to meet each client individualized requirements.

Once service needs are determined, Pathlink Solution negotiates competitive rates for the practice, based on volume and CPT codes. Pathlink Solutions and client agreement is then executed

Clients are presented with a pre-qualified pathologist for approval by the client to assure compatibility.

Pathlink Solutions pathologists provide on-site, timely, expert professional services for the client.


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