Hospital-Based Pathology Management

What services does PATHlink offer?

Hospital Based Pathology Management

PATHlink is committed to providing high-quality, cost-efficient, consumer-oriented Laboratory and Pathology management services that enhance the collective efforts of the group, the hospital and its medical staff.

For hospital-employed pathologists

  • Pathlink will assume complete financial and clinical responsibility for pathologists
  • Pathlink will assume complete responsibility for Pathology Department

Pathlink’s Administrative Leadership includes

  • Pathologists evaluation and clinical improvement
  • Responsibility for all professional billing
  • Professional support for hospital laboratory department
  • Quality Improvement processes

Performance Improvement

Pathlink is responsible for:

  • Examining and improving clinical pathology operations within each delivery system
  • Standardizing care, utilizing current state of the art practices and benchmarking our lab results against other institutions and industry quality standards
  • Ensuring the care given by each pathologist professional reflects current clinical pathways and best local/national practice standards
  • Leading the institution’s performance improvement team in initiatives which involve self-evaluation of pathologist activities and developing the action plans for improvement
  • Preparing pathologist and laboratory services for JCAHO, state and CAP accreditation surveys
  • Understanding the budget of the organization which includes all components

Pathology Professional

If you are a board certified or eligible pathologist and are looking for an opportunity to attain additional professional revenue either part or full time, Pathlink, would like to discuss nationwide opportunities with you.

  • Work as a hospital-based pathologist
  • Work as an independent contractor
  • Professional services rendered are at the sole discretion of the provider
  • Pathologist shall determine the method, details and means of performing pathology coverage
  • All contact regarding professional opportunities at Pathlink are kept private

Pathology Solutions, TC/PC Services Offering

Pathlink Solutions is a national pathology service separate from Pathlink that recruits, qualifies, and manages pathologist placement at client out-patient practice locations such as surgery centers, OP facilities, and private practices.  Please click on the link below to find out more about this service.

Pathlink Solutions


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